Saturday, 24 March 2012

Mengenali malware

Malware atau orang lebih banyak menyebutnya sebagai Virus memang banyak "merugikan" pengguna komputer.

Kesulitan atau kerugian akibat program kecil ini tidak bisa diabaikan. Harus dijauhkan dari setiap komputer. Sayangnya menghapus virus atau malware lainnya bukan pekerjaan mudah.

Beruntung karena ada software Antivirus, bisa banyak membantu pengguna komputer. Meski kenyataannya tidak semua  virus atau malware lainnya bisa dihapusnya dari komputer.

Faktanya adalah, tidak ada satu Antivirus pun yang mampu menghapus semua jenis malware (virus). Tidak ada yang seperti ini.

Situasi ini terpaksa harus ditangani tanpa bantuan software Antivirus. Menghapus secara manual. Cara manual ini hanya bisa dilakukan mereka yang paham tentang virus dan sistem operasi Windows. Tidak semua user komputer terlatih untuk hal seperti ini.

Halaman Blog kangtokkomputer berikut juga memuat artikel tentang malware (virus) ini, dan cara menghapusnya dari komputer. Hanya malware atau virus yang sulit dihapus dengan bantuan software Antivirus pada umumnya akan dimuat disini.

Dengan memiliki pengetahuan tentang malware (virus), cara mengenalinya, dan cara menghapus nya, akan sangat membantu pekerjaan komputasi kita. Semoga.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

How to Extend Your Wifi Range

If you use a wifi network at home, there are undoubtedly limits to where you can access the signal. You might get a strong connection at the kitchen table, but take your laptop to the living room and you lose the signal.
If you're looking to boost your signal a few feet or get a strong connection all the way upstairs in the back bedroom, we've got a handful of simple tricks and more advanced techniques to get you on connected to your home wifi from anywhere in your house.

Move your router:
* It's so simple, but many people don't realize that where you put your router really does make a difference. Obviously a central location is best, but for many, you are tied to putting the router where the Internet connection comes into the house.
* Beyond simple proximity, consider the router's height. The higher your router is on a shelf or cabinet, the less physical interference it's likely to encounter.  Move the router to the best possible position to take advantage of doorways and open spaces instead of walls and corners. Wifi might move through the airwaves, but furniture, walls and appliances can weaken your signal substantially.
* Signal interference is one of the biggest culprits that might be at work if your wifi is weak. Walls and physical obstructions block your signal, but signals emitted by any electromagnetic household object do too. Scoot your router away from anything that might interfere: cordless phones, microwaves, wireless game controllers, other wifi-enabled devices (TVs, etc.), Bluetooth devices, and even flourescent lights and elevators.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Free Download Freemake Video Downloader

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